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Do more with one compatible system

Durable 304 18/8 stainless steel


Made from food-grade 304 18/8 stainless steel, the containers have a superior resistance to corrosion, bacteria, transfer of food smell, flavor and colors while boasting strength and infinite recyclability.

Durable stainless steel
Nests for a compact storage


The parts are designed to stack and nest together for compact storage in your cupboard (if they ever make it there).

Nests for a compact storage
Use the bamboo lid as a cutting board or serving tray

Multi-Purpose Lid

The thoughtfully designed bamboo lid seconds as cutting board and triples as serving tray.

The lid is a cutting board and serving tray
Easy to Clean

Easy To Clean

An easy clean up in the sink or dishwasher and they are ready to stow or reuse, with the exception of the bamboo lid. See care instructions to improve the longevity of the bamboo.

Easy clean in the sink or dishwasher
Freezer safe


Use the stainless steel containers with the silicone lids for storing food in the fridge, freezer or pantry.

Fridge and freezer safe


The patent-pending seal keeps food and juices from mixing in neighboring compartments while forming a perimeter seal to keep water and other elements out.

Leakproof seal inside and out
Modular to fit your needs


The removable 1- and 2-cup containers are great for portion control and also fit anywhere inside of the vessel. Go ahead and reconfigure your vessel to fit your food.

Modular to fit your lunchbox to your food
Oven Safe


The stainless steel is ready for the oven, stove top or campfire.

Oven safe stainless steel
Reuse. Reuse. Reuse.


Bring yours to a grocery store or restaurant to join the movement to refuse single-use takeout containers.

Reuse everywhere, even in place of single use takeout
Tare weight on each steel piece

Weight & Volume

Each steel container has a pre-printed weight and volume specification to make it easier to go plastic-free. Perfect for salad bars, bulk bins and farmer’s markets.

Tare weights and volumes are etched on the bottom of each steel piece
Toxin free


All materials used are FDA certified to be food-safe, but that is just the bare-minimum in our opinion. The products are designed so that there is no food contact with plastic.

No plastic touches food
Write on the steel with wet or dry erase markers

Write on.
Right on!

No need to wonder what's behind that stainless steel in your fridge, wax pencils or dry/wet-erase markers make for a quick and easy label! And have fun writing notes to your little ones if you're prepping lunches for school.

Write on the steel with a dry or wet erase marker