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Our Story

Based in San Diego, reVessel is a sustainable brand focusing on designing morally conscious products to better prepare, store, and carry food without compromising the environment or our values. Co-Founders and husband and wife team, Jessica and Eddie Bell created the company based on their own health and wellness quests and a mutual desire to have better options to bake, freeze, store and travel with their food to the office, their children’s school, sporting events, the beach, and on their roadtrips.

Crafted alongside a team of deep sea and underwater mechanical engineers, reVessel's products are tested to be leakproof and submersible. Additionally, each unit is reusable, modular, toxin-free and eco-friendly, replacing the 500 sandwich bags the average American consumes each year. These containers add functionality to meals and a convenient way to develop healthy habits that frees us from relying on outsourcing food and single-use plastics while reducing exposure to toxins so that we can fully live.

reVessel hopes to spark a ripple effect of healthy and sustainable change.

To empower people around the globe to use safe, reusable food storage containers at home and on-the-go

Our Vision

Meet The Team

We are built on teamwork and a passion for quality & sustainability.

Jessica Bell

conscious leadership, business dev, product innovation, human & environmental health activist

‐ Jessica Bell, Co-Founder
Eddie Bell

operations, web development, online / social advertising and marketing

‐ Eddie Bell, Co-Founder
Carrie Phair

tactical marketing and branding strategist

‐ Carrie Phair, Marketing
Ben LaBelle

designs solutions for form, function and usability

‐ Ben LaBelle, Industrial Design
Ken Afan

production specialist & leakproof extraordinaire

‐ Ken Afan, Mechanical Engineering
Jim Pena

creates simple solutions from complex concepts

‐ Jim Pena, Mechanical Engineering