Perhaps the only reason the Counting Crows wrote A Long December is because they had yet to experience a January! It was a really long month, wouldn’t you agree? But, we’re thrilled to have had every second to continue our advancements and we can’t wait to share more in the coming weeks. As we sail into a pink and chocolatey February, we wanted to share our top 2018 accomplishments (we promise to limit our #humblebrags to 5) and tell you what you can expect here in 2019 as reVessel Adventure Kits hit your doorstep and our brand grows.



Our commitment to delivering products that empower a conscious and adventurous lifestyle continues to inform our next steps in 2019. Setting a new standard for food storage that supports healthy, eco-oriented and dynamic living comes with its challenges. We look forward to telling the real-life stories of how so many are finding the benefits of the Adventure Kit useful in their everyday lives and solving the health and environmental realities we all face.

We will be taking on influencers in several categories (Health and Wellness, On-the-go Lifestyle and Outdoor Enthusiast) to grow our brand awareness, showing up at trade shows and events to discover new alignments and explore more ways we can benefit our tribe. Send us a DM if you’d like more info and to be a part of this unique opportunity.

We are eager to continue to strengthen our team and infrastructure to ensure The Adventure Kits reach you and become available to the masses. We hope you’ll continue to enjoy the journey with us. Let us know your thoughts, shoot us your questions, and together we’ll set a new paradigm for sustainable product choices to better the world.

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