2-Cup Inserts (2-pack)

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Lightweight and durable, these stainless steel 2-cup containers are excellent for food storage by themselves, especially for snacking with little ones. Designed to do more, this combo makes excellent additions to the dynamic Adventure and Explorer Series kits. For added flexibility, a few extra inserts on hand is helpful when prepping and storing snacks, sides and sauces for the week.

This 2-pack set includes two 2-cup containers each with its accompanying food-grade silicone storage lid.
304 18/8 stainless steel

food-grade silicone
Both materials are dishwasher safe.

Recommended to remove lid for baking.
[ silicone is heat tolerant up to ~ 428℉ ]

Do not microwave the stainless steel vessel.

Compatible Inserts

The inserts are thoughtfully designed to be universal with the Adventure and Explorer Kit systems

Compatible Inserts

Product Specifications

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