reVessel Achieves Net-Zero Carbon Footprint

reVessel is a sustainable lifestyle brand leading the way to a net-zero carbon footprint. Today we demonstrate that commitment by officially joining Climate Neutral Certified, an independent and rigorous certification program that verifies a company has achieved net-zero carbon emissions for the entirety of a company’s value chain.

Climate Neutral, a non-profit organization, provides the Climate Neutral Certified label to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon world by recruiting companies to publicly measure, offset, and reduce their carbon emissions. The Climate Neutral Certified label communicates to customers and stakeholders that a brand is committed to a set of immediate and long-term actions to reverse climate change.

As a mission-driven company, reVessel has always been dedicated to the environment. Our work with our nonprofit partners to promote ocean health and regenerative agriculture are among the differentiating activities. We believe clean waters and regenerating soil to grow food are the basis of a healthy life. As a brand, it is important for reVessel to show our consumers that helping humanity is our top priority.

Soil is especially important when assessing carbon sequestration potential. Human activity has greatly increased the amount of carbon in our atmosphere; thus throwing the carbon cycle out of balance. Ensuring that our soil is healthy and able to store adequate carbon will not only combat climate change, but also produce better food quality. 

“If we converted all global croplands and pastures to regenerative organic agriculture, we could sequester more than 100% of current annual CO2 emissions.” -Rodale Institute

We recognize the essential role soil has in saving the Earth from the effects of climate change. reVessel is a proponent of regenerative agriculture and working to restore the carbon balance is one of the pillars of our sustainability initiatives.

Therefore, we are so excited to join 300+ brands in our achievement of becoming Climate Neutral Certified! In partnership with Climate Neutral, reVessel has measured and offset our entire 2020 carbon footprint, and we are actively working to reduce our emissions moving forward. We are proud to support a number of carbon offsetting projects through Climate Neutral. The three projects we contributed to this year involve conserving forest ecosystems. Protecting these habitats can preserve biodiversity, improve the surrounding water and soil, and sequester carbon. 

Moving forward into the future, our manufacturing goals consist of reducing transportation emissions and transitioning completely to eco-friendly, compostable packaging. These are the next steps in our sustainability journey, and we are determined to keep growing!

"At reVessel, we are proud to be among a new generation of brands setting a higher standard for responsible business," said Jessica Bell, Co-Founder and CEO of reVessel. "Together we feel like we can accurately and credibly accomplish our goals better than we could alone. Climate Neutral gives us the tools, as well as the expertise of top brands to build our own best practices. For us, that is honing in on regenerative agriculture as a solution for planetary and human health. We will be focused on projects that support farmers’ conversion toward Mother Nature's blueprint - reducing dependence on chemicals and regenerating soil that acts as a carbon bank, not to mention increasing soil biodiversity and creating healthier, more nutrient-dense food."