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A sleek, simplified and rugged reusable 18/8 304 stainless steel container, food storage and cookware set. Beloved for the many talents it boasts, the stackable set is great for meal prepping and freezing, setting out appetizers, potlucks and cooking, especially on-the-go in the outdoors where plastic and glass are not ideal. This 8.8 cup vessel with premium food-grade silicone lid is part of the reVessel modular leakproof system. The intuitive system easily expands the functionality with other complementary parts and accessories.
This 2-piece set includes one 8.8-cup container with its accompanying food-grade silicone storage lid.
304 18/8 stainless steel

food-grade silicone
Both materials are dishwasher safe.

Recommended to remove lid for baking.
[ silicone is heat tolerant up to ~ 428℉ ]

Do not microwave the stainless steel vessel.
Easy To Clean

An easy clean up in the sink or dishwasher and they are ready to stow or reuse.

Oven Safe

The stainless steel is ready for the oven, stove top or campfire.

Nestable / Stackable

Designed to stack and nest together for compact storage in your cupboard.

Product Specifications

Save Money And Reduce Single-Use Plastic And Paper Waste. It's A WIN-WIN.

I pack a lunch days per week for people in my family and use plastic bags per meal.
estimated yearly savings
plastic bags never used

What if everyone did that?

plastic bags never used in the U.S.
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plastic bags never used worldwide

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