Giving Back

Giving back is so much more than a department within reVessel, it is in the DNA of our company and our people. Built on the tenets of Conscious Capitalism, we believe that business can do more to elevate humanity. We are committed to helping where healthy food starts - the soil and where much of food packaging waste ends up - the oceans. A portion of the proceeds from sales will go directly to organizations supporting regenerative farming and protecting our seas. You can read more about our partners by clicking on their logos below.

Kiss The Ground
Farmer's Footprint
Surfrider Foundation San Diego
Changing Tides Foundation
Organic And Regenerative Agriculture

Healthy bodies start with the food we eat. Free from pesticides, herbicides, other chemicals and GMOs, organic and regenerative agriculture is a practice that provides real solutions to some of the world's greatest challenges including food scarcity, ocean dead zones and climate change. Fertile soil also ensures the best flavors and availability of nutrients.

Ocean Friendly Food Packaging

reVessel imagines a day where plastic pollution is no longer a threat to the health of our oceans. While we aim to create a more circular economy by cutting out the problem at the source and getting plastic out of our food supply, single use plastic has created more waste in the last decade than all of the 20th century combined. reVessel supports partner organizations who work tirelessly to preserve ocean habitats and vital ecosystems while funding projects that create awareness and protect the future of our oceans.