Product Care

Care Instructions

Below are helpful guidelines for taking care of your products.

Bamboo is a highlight of the reVessel Adventure Kit system. Not only is this functional piece beautiful, it is more importantly sustainable! Bamboo is a rapidly-growing grass. It is not chopped down like a tree, but harvested and able to continue growing without having to replant, making it a renewable resource.

However, while this is a strong material, you will want to take care of this piece to help maintain its integrity over time.

Here are some helpful guidelines

• Wash with mild soap

• Towel dry immediately

• Condition with a cloth and food safe board oil upon receipt and monthly (more for high usage)

• Remove stains with lemon / salt

• Neutralize odors with baking soda and vinegar

• Lightly sand knife blemishes

• Repeat

To keep the lid from drying out, cracking and warping over time

• Do not place in the dishwasher

• Do not soak the bamboo lid in water

• Not recommended to place in moist environments

• Do not microwave

• Do not place in the oven

The main steel vessel and each of the internal containers are made from food-grade 304 18/8 stainless steel. It was the easy choice with its superior resistance to corrosion, bacteria, transfer of food smell, flavor and colors. The stainless steel also boasts strength and infinite recyclability.

• Wash before first use

• Dishwasher safe

• Refrigerator and freezer safe

• Oven safe

NOTE: Exposure to a mild open flame does not compromise the integrity of the material, but can temporarily cause a blackening of the exterior with wood burning fire. To clean the surface, we suggest a mild cleaning solution with gentle abrasive such as baking soda and Castile soap to completely remove blackening along the bottom or sides of the vessel caused by an open flame.

To prevent damage or injury:

• Do not microwave

• Be sure to remove all frame hardware, lids and seals before exposing to an oven, stove or fire

• Do not use sharp objects on or near to prevent scratching or permanent cosmetic or functional damage

All of the reinforced storage lids and the seal of the leakproof lid kit are made from food-grade silicone. This inert material is free from bisphenols, lead and phthalates making it not only toxin-free, but also preferred material with less environmental impact that is tolerant to hot and cold temperatures. Effective March 2021, all new silicone parts will be LFGB certified.

• Wash before first use

• Dishwasher safe

• Microwave safe

• Oven safe (up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit)

• Refrigerator and freezer safe

• Do not use sharp or scratchy objects on or near to prevent scratching or permanent cosmetic or functional damage

The frame hardware offers precision and strength to keep the lid and seal intact for leakproof confidence. While it is very durable, there are some guidelines to help ensure highest performance:

• Wash before first use

• Dishwasher safe

• Not recommended for use in the refrigerator or freezer (especially to avoid any damage to its bamboo lid counterpart)

• Do not place in the oven

• Do not microwave (stainless steel dowels are present)

NOTE: Stainless steel dowels are meant to be removed. This clamp system is comprised of two o-rings, two clips, one clamp and two dowels in various sizes. Please see our instructions on Frame Assembly if you need assistance putting the frame hardware back together.