Our Story

Born in San Diego, reVessel is a purpose-led brand paving the way for a healthier tomorrow. Founders and husband and wife team, Jessica and Eddie Bell created the company to empower consumers to reduce exposures to hidden toxic chemicals in everyday food packaging and storage products that increase the risk of chronic disease, cancer, obesity and reproductive harm. reVessel envisioned better ways to live a healthier, low impact life at home, work, school, sporting events, beach days, and Summer roadtrips. They vowed to make it cooler and more convenient to bring good food everywhere rather than settle for fast packaged food laden with hidden health-depleting toxins. The sophisticated and versatile foodware is full spectrum to prepare, store, cook and pack food anywhere, solving the most perplexing problems with leaks, flexibility, right-sized portions, cracks, stains, mismatched, clunky containers and dependence on single-use products.

Crafted alongside a team of deep sea and underwater mechanical engineers, reVessel prioritizes preferred materials for safety, longevity and function. Products are tested to be leakproof and modular for freedom to create an endless variety of meals.

The "re" in reVessel stands for ripple effect and was chosen as the reminder that individual action ripples out into our families, communities and future generations. Together, we are #ContainersForChange.

Mission • Vision • Values

reVessel advances safe, sophisticated and sustainable foodware designs for conscious people on the go. We empower you to conveniently pack and preserve food anywhere with sleek, high-performance products that support healthier, more efficient and conscientious daily habits aimed to reclaim human health and planetary resilience for future generations.

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Giving Back

A portion of the proceeds goes back to support regenerative farming and ocean preservation.

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