reVessel Affiliate Program

Founded in 2018, reVessel is a conscious family-owned brand focusing on designing innovative and sustainable products that span the full spectrum from prepping, baking, storing and packing food to help individuals get out of the kitchen and onto adventure. Crafted alongside a team of deep sea and underwater mechanical engineers, reVessel's products reimagine how food is carried with sophisticated design and versatile functionality while solving the most perplexing food storage issues and addressing social, environmental and health problems affecting the globe. The company's flagship product was released in October 2019 with features like leakproof, reusable, modular, toxin-free and eco-friendly. reVessel replaces the single-use disposable containers and the 500 sandwich bags the average American consumes each year. Three essential kitchen tools come together unlike any other into one sleek innovation, calling it ANYWARE foodware, cookware and takeware - Crafted with premium materials preferred for human and environmental health, doing good never looked so good.

By applying to become a reVessel Affiliate, you will be an important part of the reVessel mission to empower health through food, share lasting alternatives to disposables and inspire epic adventure by creating a ripple effect and be #ContainersForChange.

10% Commission
30 Day Cookie
$130 AOV

Why become a reVessel Affiliate?

  • 10% commission for every sale you refer
  • 30 Day Cookie
  • $130+ AOV
  • Family-owned, mission-based brand
  • We give back to regenerative farming and ocean preservation
  • Climate Neutral committed brand
  • Variety of links, offers and banner sizes
  • Patent-pending leakproof system
  • Pro deal available for all affiliate partners

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Questions about the Program?

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