Get GROWING with US! Even more healthy ways to put reVessel to use

Get GROWING with US! Even more healthy ways to put reVessel to use

When we discovered yet another way to put reVessel to use in our life, we couldn’t wait to share with our audience. With anti-cancer benefits, consuming micro-greens is an incredible way to add nutrients to breakfasts, smoothies, salads, sandwiches or as a standalone supplement. As a mom, I like to ensure this is a regular part of our family's wellness routine because these vitamins prevent illness and help keep everyone at peak health. 

What you'll need:

  • Two reVessel Adventure X stainless steel containers
  • Sprouting seeds (broccoli shown)
  • Tablespoon measuring spoon
  • Seed starting soil
  • Water
  • Weight 
  • Grow light

Start your micro-green adventure by filling the bottom of the Adventure X with four (4) cups of well-hydrated soil. The consistency should allow for a ball to form without falling apart and water running off when squeezed slightly. I like a good seed starter growing mediumwhich is spread evenly along the bottom of the container, not packed too firm. Sprinkle one (1) tablespoon sprouting seeds evenly across the top.  

For the first two to three days during germination, place a stackable Adventure X on top and add weight (approximately one to two pounds) to ensure roots grow down into the soil. Since hockey pucks are common find around here, five hockey pucks did the trick.


Remove weighted container once you begin to see the white/yellow shoot emerging, mist soil with clean water if soil is dry and add light for 12 hours daily. Many seeds germinate in the dark, but need light for photosynthesis once the spouting begins. After 2 days in the light, you will begin to see the greening of the mini sprouts. 

sprouting micro greens

To control the elements, we choose to grow indoors. In about 8-10 days from the start date, your sprouts are ready to snip at the base just above the soil and serve. 

broccoli sprouts

It takes less than 5 minutes to get your materials together and assemble.

Broccoli sprouts are mild and refreshing. To get broccoli sprouting all week long, rotate in new container of seeds every 1-2 days to yield a daily dose of disease-fighting, health-promoting greens for your family.

Be sure to check out the short video at the beginning of this post, get growing with us and do even more to boost your immune system!