Mike Perez - Regenerative Solutions to the Food Industry

Mike Perez - Regenerative Solutions to the Food Industry

Here at reVessel, we're obsessed with all things naturally promoting health and wellness of people and planet, which is why we love working with Mike Perez, one of reVessel's Brand Ambassadors. A more regenerative approach to life and work, which seeks to go beyond merely sustaining, is what Mike is all about. As a chef and food entrepreneur based in San Diego, he is on a mission to bring the food industry solutions to minimize and better utilize food waste, innovate plant-forward alternatives and break dependence on plastic packaging waste.  

When we asked Mike what problems he's trying to solve in this world, he described a regenerative world where he believes we should "leave the planet better than we found it" and knows we need to "make the adjustments now so that future generations can thrive." 

We agree that it can be overwhelming to think about all the things we 'should' or 'could' be doing, but the worst thing we can do is give up, and the best thing we can do is take baby steps in ways that feel appropriate to our lives at any given time. This is why we love what Mike said when he described what he started doing to create meaningful solutions. 

"I have begun with a "reducetarian" approach and specifically want to do my part to provide options and examples of plant based options to minimize animal consumption." He does this by utilizing end to stem philosophies in menu creation, replacing plants in common animal derived ingredients that maintains or even increases nutrient density and tackling plastic by integrating reusables. You can check out one many of these recipes on our blog.

We're sure you've heard of vegetarian, vegan, and pescatarian, but have you heard of flexitarian and reducetarian? We love these terms because it creates a personal system one can make their own and define in the way that fits their goals without being tied down to such a strict label and 'diet.' 

Convenience is a huge barrier when it comes to people taking sustainable steps. We asked Mike what he loves about his reVessel Adventure Kit and how it's helped him live in integrity with his values. His first comment was, "Honestly on a surface level reVessel is simply handy, efficient, and cool!" We're glad he thinks so! 

Mike went on to say, "Once you find out more about the ingenuity and thought that has gone into the concept it only gets cooler. Having experienced first hand the commitment and vision of reVessel's creators I too am inspired to make a difference." 

"Growing up in Alabama I was never aware of the forward thinking concepts and issues that we as humans face whether it be from how we treat our bodies or how we treat our Earth. I am grateful to have crossed paths with so many who continually show me how we can do better." 

We are inspired by Mike and we hope you are too! 


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