Overcoming Chronic Disease and Becoming Plant-Based Good Gut Advocates

James and Dahlia Marin from Married To Health

According to 2017, data from the CDC.gov, 32.3 million Americans visited their physicians with diseases of the digestive system as their primary diagnosis and 8.6 million Americans visited the emergency room with digestive disease as their primary diagnosis.

So, was Hippocrates right? Does all disease begin in the gut?

Well, we're excited to share more of the latest science-backed information as we welcome two passionate Registered Dietitians, James and Dahlia Marin to the reVessel Brand Ambassador family who have both overcome chronic health issues and made it their mission to help others build a Good Gut to restore a healthy microbiome. Together, they founded @MarriedToHealth, an integrative medical nutrition therapy practice to help patients get to the root of illness.

They have some delicious plant-based recipes to share with you on their blog. 

We asked them a few questions about the journey, the causes they care about and how they are making an impact, namely in health and wellness and the larger food system.

Here's what they had to say:

"Married to Health is an integrative medical nutrition therapy practice we started to help patients get to the root of what ails them. Educating on the impact of food choices and how monumental they can be in helping personal health, environmental health, societal health and the health of our food system.

We started to share this knowledge online to support others transitioning to a plant based diet to support long-term microbiome health and environmental health. This then led us to starting our practice to provide an integrative whole-person approach to all-too-common nutrition related gastrointestinal diseases, which helps patients understand both the complexity and simplicity in healing their chronic illness and the chronic environmental issues we face as a society.

For patients who are most sensitive due to severe gut microbiome dysbiosis, eating most restaurant food is typically not a great option due to the highly processed sugars, grains, and oils. We also choose to highly limit going out to eat for best gut health. Packing wholesome meals in our reVessel Adventure Kit helps us enjoy Good Gut, wholesome foods no matter where we go."

What struggles have you overcome to get to where you are?:

"Both of us have overcome chronic health issues that could have had long-term drastically altering effects on our quality of life and that of our daughter. Thankfully, we were able to turn our health around, which drove us to help others. In attempting to help others through personalized plant-based and plant-forward nutrition we have received much criticism from those of different nutritional beliefs as well as those not in support of individualized root-cause health care. Focusing on our "why" of helping others find better gut health through more nutrient-dense plant foods while helping to heal our soil and improve planetary health reminds us to ignore the nay-sayers and keep pushing forward."

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