Leakproof Lid Kit - Explorer Series

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Our original three-piece bamboo lid kit is the perfect addition to the 5-cup Explorer X stainless steel container set to transform a container into a leakproof lunchbox; adding variety to meals and sealing in liquids. The silicone seal prevents spills and keeps food separated on the inside when reVessel one and two cup inserts are used and ensures that no dressings or sauces leak out into your bag or clothing. The bamboo lid offers the bonus of having a cutting board and tray conveniently integrated to quickly chop or serve food wherever you are. With this lunchbox configuration, you can confidently carry up to four 1-cup inserts or two 2-cup inserts in your compact kit. As always, with reVessel designs, no food will come into contact with plastic.

This 3-piece lid kit is sized for the Explorer series and contains one bamboo lid, one food-grade silicone seal layer and one ring assembly.

Food-grade silicone

Polypropylene ring and clamps
Hand wash bamboo lid, all other materials are dishwasher safe.

Remove lids and seals for baking.

Do not put the lid conversion kit in the oven.

Do not microwave. (Only silicone is microwave safe)

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