Explorer Kit (PRE-ORDER)

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Introducing the latest addition to the reVessel family of smarter, safer, travel-ready food storage. With many of the same great intuitive and functional features of the larger Adventure Kit, this compact 11-piece storage, cookware and travel-ready system is perfect for smaller appetites. Designed to fit perfectly with universal inserts and create the same modular and leakproof seal.

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Estimated Spring 2021

This 11-piece set includes two 1-cup and one 2-cup containers which insert into the 5-cup main vessel each with accompanying food-grade silicone storage lids, and one 3-piece explorer lid leakproof conversion kit.
304 18/8 stainless steel

food-grade silicone

bamboo lid, food-grade silicone for seal layer, polypropylene ring and clamps
Hand wash bamboo lid, all other materials are dishwasher safe.

Remove lids and seals for baking.

Do not put the adventure lid conversion kit in the oven.

Do not microwave.

The removable 1- and 2-cup containers are great for portion control and also fit anywhere inside of the vessel.


The patent-pending seal keeps food and juices from mixing in neighboring compartments while keeping water and other elements out.


Made from food-grade 18/8 stainless steel with a superior resistance to corrosion, bacteria, transfer of food smell, flavor and colors.

Product Specifications

Save Money And Reduce Single-Use Plastic And Paper Waste. It's A WIN-WIN.

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